Healthcare Services
Apopka Family Health Center 407-866-6201
Community After Hours – Fee Charged 407-303-7298
Family Health Center 407-428-5751
Orange County Health Department 407-836-2600
Seminole County Healthy Department 407-665-3000
Shepherd Hope Locations 407-876-6599
Veterans Medical Center 407-629-1599
Winter Garden 407-877-4334
Florida Aids Hotline 1-800-352-2437
Dental Services
Children Medicaid Dentist 407-317-7851
Valencia Dental College 407-299-5000
Dental Society – Dentist Referral 407-894-9798
Hearing Care
No Cost Amplified Phone 407-623-1070
Prescription Help
Christian Sharing Center 407-260-9155
Medicaid and Medicare RX Helpline 1-800-436-6001
RX Outreach 1-800-769-3880
Free Medicine Foundation 1-573-996-3333
The Medicine Program 1-866-694-3893


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