Our Founders

Norberto Fonseca was born on August 6, 1965 on the Island of Puerto Rico, he is the minor of 5 siblings from a traditional married couple. His father was the owner of auto repairs shops and his mother a woman passionate about cooking. On 1989 he move to New York when he starthis own journey and start taking theology classeswhen he finish his BA, here is when his passion to help and assist different communities in need starts. He began to work with different Christian entities to help kids and senior through all the East coast of the USA. Later on he begins to visit Central America, and the distributions of essential items “personal” but also he start giving educational family workshop to the needed families in some Central America countries.

In 1998 he come back to Puerto Rico to study Business administration.For 3 years he worked at radio station 88.1 when he develop different educational prevention programs and events to marriage in crisis. After 911 tragedy he move back to USA and reside in Florida to preside Christians Organization in Osceola County when he found Family mission and he open his first Food Pantry. In 2011 he was the event coordinator of the first Senior Center in the city of Kissimmee, since then his working with the elderly adult in Central Florida. The fact of the Elderly adult needs, caused in him an inspiration to create what is now ADVANCE COMMUNITY CENTER,a Program totally free of cost where he provide information, referral, events and services to direct providers in the diversity areas of needs, with a different program he can help the elderly adults with employment, this service is currently for Central Florida.He create the first Hispanic Senior Center, when all the senior can enjoy the full day at the center with the objective of connecting them with new friend, enjoy local activities and live the live that each one deserve it.

Wanda Rios

Norberto Fonseca